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Alternative Means Of Income For Motorcycle And Tricycle Drivers

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When there was a ban on Motorcycles (okada) and Tricycles (Keke Napep) along certain routes and areas in Lagos, it left a lot of riders frustrated, not knowing where to turn next. Some people turned to other trades as for of career in Nigeria.

Coupled with the fact that the economy was harsh on its own.

For a lot of Lagos residents, this was a major scare as some residents predicted an increased crime rate, seeing that a lot of people had been rendered jobless.

The government assured us that something was going to be done about it but to date, some of those who lost their means of livelihood have not been able to get back on their feet.

Rather than stay idle and hope that the government comes to the rescue, it would be best to look for alternatives and not depend entirely on the government.

Years have gone by, and not much has been done and some are yet to recover from the decision made by the government.

Peradventure the government makes a move and keeps to its promises, there is no guarantee that such a situation won’t repeat itself.

Compiled here is a list of options one could take on to help kick out of depression and get rid of the frustration imposed by the government, pending when they make due to their promises.

Not only are these alternatives suitable to latch on to, but they also offer some form of flexibility.

Here are some alternatives one can delve into:

Uber In Nigeria

1. Uber/Bolt Driver

Even if the majority of Keke/Okada drivers are illiterate, some educated individuals would be able to utilize the program and for whom uber driving would be nice employment.

How does Uber/Bolt work?

What you have to do is locate someone who would want to use his car for uber/bolt and become a driver while sharing the money, or better yet, look into organizations that lease automobiles for hire purchase like Creditville, start driving their cars, and pay them off in installments.

After securing a car, complete your registration with Uber or Bolt.

The requirements are listed below:

  • Possess a valid Nigerian driver’s license.
  • Finish a safety screening.
  • Take a look at a quick training video.
  • You must be at least 21 years old to participate.

Other requirements can be checked on both companies’ websites.

If you got the car on hire purchase and work hard, you can pay up in 6 months.

2. Mechanic/Electrician

For some Keke/Okada riders, fixing engines and a few things may not be new. It is seen in how some quickly identify the issue when they are in transit and their Okada or Keke suddenly stops.

You could easily learn something more and attach to a workshop to fully understand all you need to know as against sitting idle at home.

3. Bricklayer

People who lay stone, brick, and similar construction blocks to create or repair walls, partitions, and other buildings are known as bricklayers.

An average man may lay up to 600 blocks each day, and this is something for which you can get compensated daily. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for the highly energetic young men who have skills in this area to look for where people are building and join them.

4. Bus/Cab driver

You already have the experience as a driver and are familiar with Lagos roads, you could look out for schools, churches, or organizations in need of drivers.

You could as well sell your Keke or Okada to someone who is in another state and get a shuttle bus also known as “korokpe”. Or you could add some money from your savings and get a second-hand car so you can be back in business.

5. Mai Shayi Joint

Mai shayi sellers are known to sell bread and tea, as well as noodles and eggs on the street. 

People will always need food daily and you can meet that need by looking for a nice spot on any street.

Ensure the spot is neat because food is being served there. You don’t need thousands of naira to start up. A loaf of bread can be gotten for as low as N500, then your milk and milo, coupled with your noodles and egg.

Of course, you must know how to prepare it.

6. Barber/hairstylist

No one wants to look tattered or unapproachable. Day in and day out, people are cutting their hair while some are making theirs.

In a little time, you learn to be a barber or learn to make hair for people.

You do not need a shop for a start, you could render home services when people need to get their hair done or cut.

7. Selling of second-hand wares also known as “Okrika”

Not everyone can afford to go to a boutique to get brand new wares, in places like the Yaba market you will find a lot of people selling Okrika, sometimes they look so good, and you will almost take them to be new.

They usually come in grades. You can make observations, do a market survey, understand the market and start on your own with as little as N20,000.

8. Sports viewing center

Beyond the fact that a lot of people love watching football, some love watching with others even while they can sit comfortably at home.

You could set up a viewing center and have a schedule of matches that will be shown. To make extra money, you could sell snacks and drinks for people to relax with as they watch the game.

9. Cobbler (Shoemaker)

This might be belittling to some, but it is better than doing nothing.

There is dignity in labor, you probably already know how to polish a show, you could add a few skills like learning to sew a torn shoe or sandal and from there go on to learn how to make a shoe or sandal.

10. Phone accessories business

Almost everyone you meet has a phone and for some, these phones develop faults regularly. You can confirm this when you visit phone repair shops.

You can either learn to repair phones or get into the business of selling phone accessories like earphones, screen guards, pouches, batteries, and the rest.

10. Car Washer

People wash cars daily and that is business for some people. You do not need a space of your own for this.

You could visit houses, hotels, bars and relaxation spots and tell them about the services you render.

You can also find an established car wash and work for them.

11. Suya seller

You have no idea how much some of these guys make every night by just hanging around bars and joints. Suya is a lot of people’s favorite when they want to relax at the bar with friends.

With at little as N20,000 you can start up one of your own when you find a good spot.

This is also flexible because it is mostly done at night.

12. Betting Agent

You can become a betting agent by contacting any of them in the industry.

The most important you need here is a space to carry out your business, some make use of containers which is also fair enough.

Contact any of the betting companies around, find out what it will take and the cost also. You can also make comparisons between companies to know which to go for.

Final thought

Every business takes time to grow. You might be wondering how you will start afresh, especially in another line of business.

All you need to do is just take the first step, begin and work diligently. Be consistent and show up daily.

What started small may eventually be what gives you your breakthrough in finance.

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