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Dispatch Rider Salary: How Much Do Dispatch Riders Make Monthly?

One of the important reasons why people work is money. It is only a few who have other reasons attached to it. If you want to be a dispatch rider then you should have an idea of the Dispatch rider salary in your area. Also, you might have been wondering and need an answer to the question that says, How much do Dispatch Riders make monthly?

A dispatch rider fulfills orders, inventories stock, and arranges transportation before delivering goods to customers. Also, will be in charge of inside and outdoor deliveries, as well as the sending and receiving of official correspondence, materials, parcels, bulky objects, and other as-needed products. Let us walk you through the monthly salary range of dispatch riders.

Dispatch Rider Salary?

Dispatch rider salary has ranges and can differ significantly depending on several key aspects, such as education, certifications, supplementary skills, work experience, and even the employing firm.

How Much Do Dispatch Riders Make in Nigeria

The monthly salary of a dispatch rider In Nigeria is normally in the range of 94,300 NGN. The lowest salary is 49,000 NGN, and the highest is 144,000 NGN (highest).

The typical monthly wage is this amount, which typically covers housing, transportation, and other perks. Pay for dispatchers varies significantly depending on several variables, including experience, aptitude, gender, and location. Below is a complete study based on several variables.

Salary Levels

In Nigeria, dispatcher salaries range from 49,000 NGN (the minimum salary) to 144,000 NGN (the maximum compensation) (maximum salary).

Average Salary

The median monthly wage for dispatchers is 90,500 NGN, which indicates that 50% of them make less than this amount while the other 50% make more than this amount. The middle wage value is represented by the median. In general, you would want to be part of the group receiving more than the median pay on the right side of the graph.


The 25th and the 75th percentiles are two numbers that are directly connected to the median. From the pay distribution diagram, it appears that 25% of dispatcher(s) make less than 62,800 NGN, while 75% make more than 62,800 NGN. By the diagram, 75% of dispatcher(s) make less than 113,000 NGN annually, and 25% make more.

What differentiates the average income from the median wage?

Both act as indicators. You are doing very well if your pay is higher than both the median and average. If your pay is below both, a lot of people make more money than you, and you have room to improve. If your compensation falls somewhere between the average and the median, things may become a bit complicated.

Comparison of Dispatcher Pay by Years of Experience

What impact do age and experience have on your pay? The most significant factor affecting remuneration is experience level. Naturally, as you gain more experience, your compensation will rise. These findings come from our examination of Dispatcher pay by the level of experience. A dispatcher with far less than two years of experience has an average monthly compensation of 55,700 NGN.

A person with between two and five years of experience can expect to make 74,800 NGN a month, which is 34% more than someone with less than two years of experience. Going forward, a person with a level of experience between five and ten years earns 97,200 NGN per month, which is 30% more than someone with a degree of expertise between 2 and 5 years. Additionally, Dispatchers with 10 to 15 years of experience earn 118,000 NGN per month, which is 21% more than someone with five to ten years of experience.

With 15 to 20 years of experience, an employee can expect to make 129,000 NGN a month, which is 9% higher than a person with 10 to 15 years of experience. The salary for workers with more than twenty years of experience in their field is 135,000 NGN per month, which is 5% more than the salary for workers with 15 to 20 years of experience.

Payment Comparison By Education

How do education levels affect salaries?

We all understand that a degree entitles you to a higher wage, but how much more can a degree increase your take-home pay? To compare Dispatcher salaries, we divided them by degree of education.The typical monthly wage for a dispatcher with a high school diploma is 66,200 NGN. While the pay of someone with a certificate or diploma is 94,800 NGN per month, which is 43% greater than the wage of somebody with a diploma. The average pay for someone with a bachelor’s degree is 131,000 NGN per month, which is 38% greater than the salary for someone with a certificate or diploma.

The Salary Comparison By Gender

Although it shouldn’t, gender does affect pay. Who therefore earns more: males or women? In Nigeria, men dispatchers make on average 12% more often than their female counterparts.

Nigerian Dispatcher Bonus and Incentive Rates

How much are the bonuses awarded, and how often? With some exceptions, a dispatcher’s role in direct revenue generating is often limited, making them low bonus-based jobs. The individuals that receive the greatest bonuses frequently take part in the cycle of income generating. While 23% of the personnel in the poll claimed to have gotten at least one type of monetary bonus, 77% of respondents indicated they hadn’t received any bonuses or incentives in the previous year. Bonus recipients reported receiving payments that ranged from 1% to 3% of their annual salaries.

Bonuses Considered by Type

Bonuses for individual performance

The most typical kind of bonus is given to an employee in recognition of exceptionally strong performance.

Bonuses for company performance

Every once in a while, some businesses enjoy giving bonuses to all of their employees to celebrate extra revenue and profits. Depending on each individual’s position within the company, the bonus amount may likely vary.

Bonuses Based on Goals

Granted after reaching a significant milestone or objective.

Holiday/Year-End Bonuses

These bonuses are typically unjustified and have the appearance of an appreciation gift.

With the help of Jobzilla Nigeria’s analysis of market compensation, you may confidently negotiate your pay.

You can see a list of Dispatch Rider salaries in Nigeria below, broken down by company and level of expertise.

Company nameLevelSalary
Bwana Buul LimitedEntry Level₦360,000/ year
Loadstar Logistics LimitedIntermediate Level₦45,000 – ₦50,000/ month
USM Logistic LimitedEntry Level₦40,000 – ₦50,000/ month
Karferry LimitedEntry Level₦540,000 – ₦550,000 / year
Kosmero Limited Intermediate Level₦30,000 / month
Zenith Carex International LimitedIntermediate Level₦30,000 / month
Rotavans LimitedIntermediate Level₦50,000 – ₦55,000 / month
Tianaz Logistics and ServicesIntermediate Level₦40,000 – ₦50,000 / month
Isurf Global Services ₦60,000 – ₦70,000/ month


Both employer job advertisements and outside data sources were used to calculate the salaries on this page. Based on the market, the kind of employer, the duties of the function, and the person’s profile, salaries for particular roles may differ from those listed below by a third party.

The Salary Comparison By Cities in Nigeria

CityAverage Salary
Benin City78,900 NGN
Ibadan92,000 NGN
Kaduna89,200 NGN
Kano92,700 NGN
Lagos94,100 NGN

Final words on Dispatch Rider Salary?

A dispatch rider’s salary is based on different factors, and that is what we have listed in this article. Knowing how much a dispatch rider makes every month, will help you know if you should venture into the career. Check Hub for Jobs for more Career tips and Job salaries.

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