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Internships – The Pros and Cons

Advantages and Disadvantages of interning

Internships are a good idea. You can consider them if you’re currently stuck at nothing. They can provide you with the most prominent advantages, but at the same time, there are downsides attached to the opportunity. While many people are pumped about getting an internship, others are still determining if they should. Here are the pros and cons you need to know before deciding.

Advantages and Disadvantages of interning
Pros and cons of internship


Access to Hands-on Experience

Feeling confident after mastering a skill or earning a degree is okay, but you still have to practice. Internships allow you to improve your skills and catch up. The experience you gain prepares you and boosts your confidence for the more excellent career opportunities ahead.

 Helps You Build an Impactful Network 

Interning with companies and industries, you are open to meeting many people, professionals included. Interacting with experts and other workers around the company gives you a new view of your career field. This way, you discover new resources to achieve your career goals. 

Improves your confidence

Most likely, you’ve not been able to work with any organization. You’re probably launching your career with so many concerns, “how to” and “what ifs”. An internship allows you to move past your challenges and face your fears. As time goes on, you can speak confidently and present new ideas. Interning will teach you that there’s so much to do, but it’s a win if you stand up to do them.

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Mentorship Opportunity

Your time as an intern is a learning process for you. Some organizations provide mentorship programs for their interns. The program is mainly curated to help interns transition into new roles without hassle. Mentorship programs help interns to develop their skills and achieve their goals.

Internships can Land you a Full-time Job 

If you do your best during your internship, your employer will likely tell you to start full-time. So, take your time to build your credibility. It’s a good use. You might have created a project that impacted the organization positively, every employer values a good asset, so they decide to keep you. Landing a full-time position after a period of internship gives you an insight into how much you’ve grown in your career.

Boosts your CV/Resume

While recruiters skim through your resume, seeing the internship experience you’ve included interests them.  At the same time, you have acquired new professional skills, which gives you an edge over other job candidates.


Some Internships are Unpaid

Most internship opportunities come with no remuneration, which can discourage potential interns significantly. Some people looking to intern are adults with financial responsibilities to cater to, so they want to look forward to some cash at the end of the month. Most internships even require that you spend some money, not earning but having to spend is not a good idea.

Donkey Work

Research shows that only 7% of interns performed meaningful tasks, while 93% had menial work during their internship. Some employers abuse the purpose of internships and assign interns with unhealthy workloads, which could be a total turnoff. As much as people want to learn and gain experience, they want to have a good time at it. 

Exhausting Requirements

Some companies have requirements that potential interns might not be able to work around. The world bank considers only candidates with an undergraduate degree and currently pursuing a Master’s degree eligible for an internship. Internship seekers who are still currently in the university and not pursuing a 2nd degree might not be able to apply. Conditions like this can be tiring.


When internship opportunities are open, many people want to apply, especially when it’s paid. This means more competition for each person, so you want to make much effort to get your way to the top. If you put out your best foot and don’t get selected, you start to think you need to be a better fit. Competitions are good but can sometimes bruise your self-esteem.

Sometimes, there is no Feedback

Performance evaluations are good but sometimes, such provisions are not made for interns. Interns are taking time to learn, and it’s best they know how they’re coming on. This might leave them confused and discouraged if they don’t get feedback on their project works and presentations. Also, the willingness to continue learning decreases.


While some people enjoy their internship period, others don’t have much good time learning. Learning is profitable, and you should get going with your goals. Your decisions are important, and they play a significant role in your career growth. If you’re already an intern, good! You’re placing your game on A!


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