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Measures To Consider Before Talking About Salary Expectations In An Interview

Measures To Consider Before Talking About Salary Expectations In An Interview

Salary expectations do not seem like a topic many job candidates prepare to discuss during an interview. While you must have prepared to ace every one of the questions, you can be thrown off balance when your potential employer asks how much remuneration you would take if you get the job. Regardless of how excited you are about landing a job, it is very important to discuss salary so that you can decide if you want to take the job or not. No one wants to be underpaid for the skills and experience they spent quality time gathering. So how do you talk about salary expectations with your potential boss without having to undervalue yourself?

Measures To Consider Before Talking About Salary Expectations In An Interview
A Nigerian worker counting his salary

 Do your research, You can’t guess right

Based on industry, hierarchy and location, a lot of companies have information about their salary range pinned to their website. This makes it easy to do your findings. A study has shown that while 35% of job candidates do not work on salary research at all, less than 1 in 10 job seekers always do salary research. You can ask questions from people in a similar role or individuals with advanced careers in the same role. As recommended by Octavia Goredema, you can also check the company’s salary reports and databases to get as much information as you want.

Measure your worth

You need to be honest with yourself so that you can know what to expect as earnings for the job role you’re considering, gauge your performance and level of expertise. If you’re applying for a job as an entry-level candidate, there is a high tendency for the organization to pick an experienced candidate over you and even pay such a person more. Nevertheless, you should still put your best foot forward.

Be truthful 

Since you have done some research about the company, you should be fair in your dealings. If you’re still keeping a job and you have to answer a question about your current salary, you can choose not to disclose rather than lie about it so that you can get a higher remuneration. Career coach Theresa Meril emphasizes the need for people to be honest about their salary; she said that it is not fair to be unfaithful about anything that concerns work history.

Work with a range. Do not be specific.

Employers have a budget and they want to be sure that your remuneration fits into it. If you ask for a higher salary, they may screen you out of a job.Hence always give them a flexible salary range.

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